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Thank you for your interest! 

We have the following things coming up that you can participate in:

Baby Bottle Blitz Fundraising Event.  Contact our office if you, your church or a group you are a part of would like to save your change in our baby bottles for the ongoing work at Pathway of Hope

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have a Thirty One Party with the hostess items all being things that can be used by our clients.  Also our Thirty One Rep Kayce Miller will be donating her income from the sales to the ongoing work at Pathway of Hope.

Bonnie Gibson, a representative for Uppercase Living, has signed up Pathway in a sales competition to raise funds to purchase items to decorate our office.  It is our goal to purchase a tree to create our "Tree of LIFE"  wall to remember those children that were lost way too soon or never given a chance to be born. 

This Fall we will be having our annual Fall Fundraising Event on the square in beautiful downtown Greenville.  We will have a speaker and several groups from the community to perform.